[Hyomi]Honey Battery Widget 1.2.3

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Honey Battery Widget!
It's so cute!

How much did the battery? Are not you curious?
With a cute teddy bear tells you the remaining battery charge.

Depending on the amount of battery-changing face of Winnie!

1X1-size widget is available
Charging, 100-75%, 74-50%, 49-25%, 24-0%
All 5 are in her face.

* Features
- Battery More Details
- WIFI, GPS, brightness, Bluetooth and easy on / off the ability to do!
- Alrimba Features
- Widgets text on / off feature
- Ability to change widget color

** Usage **

1. Kkuuk an empty space on the desktop, please dial
2. Widgets Please select an item!
3. [Hyomi] Battery widget, select the cookie jar!
4 on the desktop, if placed properly, the end ~!

* Note: Clean RAM you can stop the operation of the battery applications, so '[Hyomi] Trackers Battery Widget "to clean up the exemptions hope more than welcome to register.

keyword : battery, widget, notification, convenient, cute, bear, decoration

Last Updated:2011-09-19 03:35:17
File size:1.19MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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